Tom Newnam
This review is from: Release Point (Paperback)

It’s probably true that we all read for different reasons: Some to be entertained or to escape. Others more to learn new things about life, or themselves. I like all of that, but mostly, I read to find validation and support of my deepest beliefs about life. Or find good reason to change my perspective. This book appealed to me at all of those levels. First thing that made me smile was what an adept writer Mr. Quinn is. I knew, by a couple of pages in, that I was in very good hands. Having raised kids and grandkids, I could easily relate to the excitement and suspense of the sports activities. My psychologist background kept me fascinated by the interplay of personalities. And in my particular case, being a horse lover whose great grandfather was a blacksmith, I also was naturally intrigued by the setting and back story. The surprising thing about the book, which I had hoped to find but really didn’t expect to see – was the depth of… not just character development and interaction…but the depth of the universal life lessons — brought forth and celebrated so beautifully. This is one of those books I almost feel sorry for people who don’t know it exists. Written with (and from) so much heart — this story really made my heart smile. It would brighten anybody’s outlook.

First Softball Tip: Hitting

Make your hitting workouts off of a T more game-like by adding one feature:  once you have the ball positioned properly on the plate and at the right height, set your feet, relax, start your load as you imagine the pitcher starting her pitching motion, and then, LIFT YOUR EYES AS THOUGH LOOKING AT THE PITCHER AND THEN TRACK THE IMAGINARY BALL BACK TO THE T as you start your swing.  This will help with your timing, seeing the ball better and reacting to what you see.

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